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Cam Cooper- Quarterback Profile

Cam Cooper is a junior at Pulaski County High School and has been playing football for five years. This year is his first year of varsity and he is better than ever.

Growing up, he loved football. After his first season, he fell deeper in love with the game. After playing the last two years in middle school, he started playing junior varsity. He threw no more than three interceptions in each of those seasons. His last season on junior varsity the team went 8-2.

He did so much work over the summer and is now on Varsity. He woke up at 5 am every morning to go on runs, work out, and make sure he had the perfect diet so he would be the best. His first game came around and he was pumped to play. When the ball was snapped all that preparation paid off. He was ready and boom he threw an amazing touchdown to JJ Gulley. The whole crowd was cheering for the Cougars. The varsity played 3 games after that, but during the Homecoming Game a moment that would change everything happened, Cam broke his collarbone.

“I said hut! All I remember is everything felt like it was going in slow motion. I was looking around for someone to get open but everyone was locked up. All of a sudden I saw someone getting wide open. I don't remember who but I was getting ready to throw a passing touchdown, then it just all went black. I got up and I just had this excruciating pain on my whole right side and I couldn't feel my collarbone at all. I was so scared and nervous I didn't know what to do or say so I just sat there” said Cooper.

Cam underwent a successful surgery, but it's unclear how long he will be out-most likely four to six weeks. Cam hopes he is able to recover perfectly so he can come back better than ever.

“I hope Cam is gonna be okay," said senior Jack Johnson. "He is such an amazing quarterback but from now on me and the team will be playing for him.”

Jack Allen said, “We are just waiting for Cam to come back better than ever.”

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