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Elaja Rollins is PCHS's Senior of the Month

Elaja Braedyn Rollins, son of Myrissa Rollins, is a well-known and inspiring person at PCHS, so it was no surprise when he was chosen as Senior of the Month in September 2021.

He is a hardworking student that is persistent in achieving his goals. His nominating teacher says that he has held a positive attitude every day in her class ever since he was a freshman. Not only does he inspire fellow students, but he invigorates his teachers as well. Overall, Rollins is an uplifting and encouraging student.

“I believe that we should try to spread positivity. It’s a waste of time to be mean to people. I just really enjoy making friends and talking to people. Why bring more negativity in the world when you can just be nice to people?” said Rollins.

Rollins became interested in electrical mechanical engineering three years ago, and he plans to pursue this after graduation. “Mr. Hodge was a great teacher. He definitely inspired me to begin looking into it,” Rollins said.

He enjoys working out at home to keep himself active and to help him focus, as well as spending time with his friends. Elaja is a memorable student and the perfect representation of Cougar Pride. He has a strong reputation as an outstanding student with a magnetic personality.

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