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Inklings: Spring 2022

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

With Spring comes renewal, growth, breath, and life. In these pieces, however, we are reminded of the life that is ALWAYS inside of us, and the work that it takes to make it grow. This issue's works tackle the continuance of existence, from the continuing (but seldom recognized) strength of an entire people to the perseverance of a warrior, and even the constancy of safe places and the work of cultivating self-love. This issue of Inklings celebrates the power and perseverance behind the continual awakening and re-birth of each

new day.


The Upcoming Revolution and History of African American Heritage

-A. Higgins

Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, originated in the United States, Its purpose is to honor the legacy of black people and recognize their contributions and struggles throughout history, whether it was surviving slavery and/or Jim Crow Laws, or black people living around the World today.

In 1915, 50 years after slavery was abolished by the thirteenth Amendment, "Negro History Week” was created to combat the lack of information and awareness on the accomplishment of African Americans. We will never forget our ancestors who fought for our freedoms so that we can be here today. Harriet Tubman modeled the determination for equality that illuminated her actions and her significant impact on the abolitionist and the Suffrage movements. These actions make her one of the most noteworthy African American figures. After escaping her own enslavement, Tubman risked her life to save over 100 people through the network of the underground railroad.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been recognized worldwide for his legendary speech, “I Have a Dream,” but his contribution did not end there. He was the champion of The Black Civil Rights movement, enlisting millions of people and inspiring them to join his cause. There are many more African Americans who did brilliant things for us and this country. That I am proud of. I am also proud of my race, and of the fact that today we are not being segregated by the colors of our skins. I am proud of my genetics, that God has blessed me with my natural hair and brown skin; I'm proud of who l am.

Lastly, we will not forget the people who lost their lives to police brutality: George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and many more. Say their names, Black lives will always matter, just like any other lives. Black people shouldn't have to be judged or hated just because of our genetics. Please hear this reminder: dream like Martin Luther King, Jr., lead like Harriet Tubman, Fight like Malcom X, and challenge like Rosa Parks. Be proud of your skin color, be proud of where you are now and who you are today.


The Young Soldier: A Villanelle

"Bonnie and Clyde" by V. Adkins

Go forth young soldier for you are not alone

Please don’t give up before the fight

Your name will be remembered, you are not unknown

Do not be afraid to fight on your own

Continue your mission if you think it’s right

Go forth young soldier for you are not alone

You are marching to take back your countries throne

Keep marching forward through the night

Your name will be remembered, you are not unknown

When you get back home you might need to atone

So please don’t do this out of spite

Go forth young soldier for you are not alone

You’re going after a man that must be overthrown

Keep stepping forward until you reach the light

Your name will be remembered, you are not unknown

Defeat your enemies with the force of a cyclone

This is a cause that shines so bright

Go forth young soldier for you are not alone

Your name will be remembered, you are not unknown

-A. Ault


A Love Letter to Myself

When I was younger people used to ask me questions they thought I didn’t have answers for

Questions they never thought I’d thought about

You know you’re chubby right?

Unspoken connotations that led me to think about the rest of my appearance too

You know you’re ugly right?

As if I didn’t look in the mirror every morning

As if I didn’t see the muffin top I had from buttoning my jeans

The shirt I strategically picked out to hide it

The swell of my hips and thighs against my size 10 jeans that I was already growing out of but still strived to fit into

The eyes looking back at me the color of a mudslide in a hurricane

The dull mousy brown hair that was never quite straight or curly

The lopsided smile from my crooked teeth

And I hated it

Because I was told to hate it

Because with every passive aggressive question, backhanded compliment, not very well hidden hint

I knew what they meant

The body type they wished I had instead

Like they might actually have loved me if I didn’t have to shop for women’s larges

What I hadn’t realized yet that I didn’t actually hate the way I looked

I just hated the way other people thought of me

Untitled by A. Capretta

Until now

When I look in the mirror

I see the size 14 jeans affectionately stretched across my waist

Because my clothes were not made to serve other people’s ideals

The crop top that allows a sliver of my stomach to show

Because it never did anything that deserved any hiding

I look into my eyes and I see the earth that so graciously allows me to live on it

I see the corner of my canines framing my smile and it looks so cute

I see the highlights of blond in my hair that come out when the sun shines

And I love it because I let myself love it

Oh, and to answer that question

I know I’m chubby

And I know I’m pretty

And I love it

-E. Clevinger




Have you ever been in a tree?

Looking out at the field so distantly-

Have you ever felt that free?

That's why I love this twisted tree,

For the longest time,

she was the only one

who knew me consistently-

And I guarantee,

that my twisted tree,

Will always be waiting for me

If I ever need to flee

Or break free.

-S. Ratcliffe



Hi, I'm from a dark place,

I know that's what we all say

but let me explain before

you give me the expression on your face.

We all have our own dark places,

kept woven together with the finest of the worn down laces.

If you told someone they couldn't keep it in, not even if you told them it was your meanest sin.

You can't look into your darkness or the faces in those places will break your worn, tired laces.

So like me,

We mostly keep them hidden….Because like everyone tells me.

"Baby talking about it is forbidden."

-S. Ratcliffe


Introduction to Tourette's

I ask them to take a person

And try to see through them like a glass window

Hold them up to the light

And look through their mind.

I say take yourself

Hold on to your biggest secret

And watch it explode from your lips.

I want them to feel the way a teapot feels

When it comes to a boil

But all they ever do

Is ask “why, why, why!?”

Holding you under an interrogation light.

They do not understand,

Driving the person to madness.

-M. Owen

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