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Inklings Winter 2022-2023: Thresholds

In this issue, our writers describe the moments surrounding "thresholds" in our lives: when change is coming, and decisions must be made. Sometimes, the need for this change comes from within, when we have grown beyond a certain situation, or when we have seen or learned something that makes remaining where--or who--we are impossible. At other times, however, change is thrust upon us, and we must find a way to meet it and keep going. Each of these pieces features an author facing, and sometimes drawing, a "line" that must be (or can never be) crossed, in order to make a new way.


November 14, 2022 (1)

I’m so glad I finally got to see you

I don’t know that it’ll happen again soon, due to my attitude

That visitation was well past due

And I’m so tired of forcing myself to feel gratitude

It shouldn’t be a problem for me to see you, you’re my mom

Some people just don’t understand

No one knows how hard it is for me to be calm

Seeing you is something I demand

People always think I’m being mean

But no, I’m just doing me

You always had an attitude too, so maybe it’s a gene

This is the way I’ll always be

We have to keep fighting for it to go our way

I promise I’m looking forward to it; I’m waiting on that day

-Hilary C.



The Moon loves the Earth

Even after their separation

Millions of light-years away

Yet it feels like a vacation

The Moon misses the Earth

He dreams of reunion

The Moon's face kept it's worth

But Earth's is in ruin

The Moon worries for the Earth

Earth has begun to break down

In a few thousand years

Earth may no longer be around

-Preston T.



i am brokenly beautiful

i wonder what would make me wonderful

I hear their constant chatter

i see my confidence shatter

i want myself to matter

i am brokenly beautiful

i pretend to be alright

i feel a flame ignite

i cry at the treacherous height

i am brokenly beautiful

i understand this won't last forever

i say i can do better

i dream of becoming more than i am

i try the best i can

i hope for a life that's meaningful

i am brokenly beautiful

-Emma T.


November 20, 2022 (1)

I have hidden scars

Some on the inside and some not

I keep them hidden as if they’re behind bars

On the inside hidden there is a lot

On the outside there aren’t many

My scars I’ll never show

All my scars are due to pain

They’re also due to neglect

It’s all just hard to explain.

All this pain I never thought to expect

I’ll forever protect myself from pain like I feel now

Getting hurt is something I just can’t allow

-Hilary C.


Life Poem

Life, a four letter word. In life, there are many different things you go through. Love and happiness are some of the things you might experience, but there are also bad things that you might also experience, such as grief or breakups.

Love makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, or like you’re running through a field of flowers that never ends, and you want to stay in that moment forever.

Happiness is the same way; you feel like you are high on some type of drug and nothing else matters at the moment.

Grief, on the other hand, is the opposite. You are emotional and don’t really want people to see you at your worst, and the one thing that mattered was ripped from you in a matter of seconds. When you go through a breakup, it feels like you are dying on the bathroom floor. Everything reminds you of that person who hurt you so much, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get them off your mind. You’re crying all the time; sometimes you don’t know why, and it sucks.

Everything we go through is part of life. These things are happening for a reason, but you might not find out the reason until later in your life. Look at life like a string-puppet. Each string moves a different part. Life is the puppet, and the strings are different paths; each path will lead you to something different, different parts of your future. You just have to decide which path you want to take.

-Haley W.




Our decorated box with a vacant interior


Our beautiful waterfall with a rigid slope in the back


Our pleasant expressions displayed to avoid confrontation


White lies to keep our sanity


-Preston T.


Untitled #2

I’m not letting you back in

You were supposed to be my dad

My patience has become thin

I just wanted to let you know before we begin

You always make me mad

I’m not letting you back in

Where have you been?

Having you in my life is what I used to wish I had

Now, my patience has become thin

You say you’re gonna change, but since when?

You always lie, which is really bad

I’m not letting you back in

The decision is made, no need to try and convince

I used to stay feeling sad

My patience has become so thin

I’m going to take this as a win

It’s time to be glad

I’m not letting you back in

My patience has become too thin.

-Hilary C.


The Mindset of Grief

Every night I rest in bed, hoping to see you again, to see the laughter, hope, and joy that you bring to the world. The pain of grieving, knowing that y’all in a better place. It still hurts my soul, knowing I didn’t want to fall again into a mindset that no one could understand. It is the feeling you mentally go through, as every day the sky turns on the stars. That is when I begin to fall into a place where i’m dealing with my mind, where I just cry, wipe my tears, and wait for the sun to rise and shine on my face. Simultaneously, I miscommunicate. People wonder why there isn’t a smile on my face today. As I go on with my day, my day is sometimes different. I usually play it cool so that no one knows the feeling that I’m going through, looking at the ceiling while lying in bed, waiting on you all to come home. Waiting to see what could happen if we were all in the same place calling each other’s names from a mile away.

Every chance and time we could make, that would

be another day. As time passes by, I wish I could be the one to fly away as my through will flee away, and the pain can go away--the emotions I feel without y’all being here today. This isn’t a place for me anymore, but I can only say you all aren’t hurting any more.

-Aliyeanna W.


November 30, 2022

I’m barely keeping it under control

Slowly, I’m losing it

I just wanna feel whole

I’m ready to just quit

It’s only getting worse

Life should never have to be this hard

Sometimes I wonder if iI’m living with a curse

My feelings I wish to disregard

I’m just holding on due to a bit of hope

But what’ll happen when the hope is gone?

I don’t even know how to cope

Am I gonna be able to keep holding on?

These feelings won’t go away

Hopefully it’ll get better one day

-Hilary C.

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