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Magnificent Molly Keller: Wrestler, Artist, and Baker

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Molly Keller is a student at PCHS. She is actually on an all-girls wrestling team and has unique hobbies such as painting, baking, and various art forms.

Most teenage girls spend their free time hanging out with friends, shopping, or playing

video games. Molly Keller spends her free time at wrestling practice. She is a member of her

school’s wrestling team and has been since her freshman year.

Molly Keller started wrestling in her last year of middle school. Evan Alger had invited

her after seeing her performance in jujitsu. She agreed and visited the gym a few times, then

joined the team her freshman year.

She has been wrestling since and is now a junior at Pulaski County High School. She grew up watching wrestling and wanted to try out the sport for herself. She said, ¨My brother had been wrestling since he was 5, seeing him wrestle really inspired me to do the same."

While Molly makes wrestling look easy, she does face some struggles. ¨The fact I have to deal with so many strength disadvantages when I am fighting guys,¨ she said. Molly has recently joined an all-women’s team and told us she highly prefers wrestling girls to guys. She also struggles with when she has to cut weight before a match. She said, ¨ It is hard to watch what I eat and remember I have to watch for it, for my match.¨

Molly doesn't let these disadvantages hold her back because she has major advantages to her competitors. ¨I have a huge mental advantage because I believe in myself and I won’t give up, even if I am losing. I like to never give up and keep going,¨ Molly said.

Molly loves to encourage everyone to join wrestling. Especially her girl friends or other girls she thinks could do great in the sport. She said even if you’re the slightest bit athletic you should try it out. The main thing she said was, ¨ You have to really love the sport, it is one of those personal sports where you have no one else to blame for poor performance, and it can be hard to win at first so you can't give up."

She believes that you have to have a strong mentality. Molly almost quit her freshmen year. She went the whole season without winning one match, but she said all the little wins kept her going. She has now won 12 matches total. Recently, she placed second at a girl's tournament held in Culpepper and at the Orange County Invitational. In January, she placed second at the Unofficial Girl's States held in Alexandria, Virginia.

If Molly has any free time she has multiple hobbies she enjoys. She especially loves

painting. She thinks it is one of those things really fills in time and gives her inspiration. One of her favorite things she has painted is a Christian lamb with a crown. Molly has taken almost every art class at the high school that she can.

She also enjoys baking. Molly said, ¨ This hobby is really just for fun, or when I have free time.¨

Even with all these hobbies she rarely has time to do them. Wrestling is all year round. So as soon as one season ends another begins.

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