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Senior of the Month - Grace Bailey

Grace Bailey was selected to be the Senior of the month in October 2020. Grace was chosen for this honor by three different people, something that has never happened before. Grace was chosen for always excelling inside and outside of school. Grace is compassionate and shows selflessness, being known for always showing happiness, being joyful, and and overall outstanding student. Bailey is a big part of the community, overall described as being a very hard worker and willing to do anything you ask.

I went out to interview Grace Bailey to ask her about how she feels to be nominated

Senior of the month, what extracurricular activities she does, and what she plans to do in the

future. She feels very honored to be nominated and is proud to represent PCHS as Senior of the month. She also participates in the American Red Cross, student government, choir, theater, and The Governer’s School. Her future plans are to attend either JMU, RU, or UVA for nursing. She plans to get her BSN then become a Midwife with a DNP. She was overall just so excited to be named Senior of the Month.

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