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Inklings September: Life's Rhythm

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

This month, we showcase poetry focusing on the ups, downs, and everyday rhythms of our existence. From the joy brought by favorite pastimes to the pain of living, letting go, and finding new beginnings, these works represent the ebb and flow of daily life.



Leaves dancing in the wind

Falling one by one

Tree limbs trying not to bend

Every leaf falls till all are done

Waiting for every leaf to fall

Every leaf falling

Heading toward the ground with all

Like the ground is calling

Letting go of the struggle that has refused to let go

Feeling free from what felt like a tie

Now it's your time to put on a show

Let go of the past, no need to cry

Start over, refresh, and forget

Stay strong, never quit.

-L. Kiser


Introduction to Bowling

I ask them to try bowling

and watch the ball roll

like a tumbleweed in the desert

or crash into the pins

like waves in the sand.

I say releasing the ball

Is like allowing a bird to fly freely

or a person diving head first into the water.

I want them to skate across the lane

and feel the thrill of bowling.

But all they want to do

is ignore the simple pleasures.

They laugh and make fun of it

Before they give it a chance.

-L. Burton


Welcome to Womanhood

I ask them to take a walk

And stay near a light

Like a Luna Moth

Or move quickly with caution

I say dress however you please

And “just ignore” the words

And whistles

And ways a man gets to you

I want them to tiptoe

Around the barriers of a man's pride

Whispering only to their sisters among them

But all they want to do

Is control our thoughts and put us at fault

And torture us with false truths

They begin to live in our fear

We tell them “Welcome to womanhood.”

-E. Tolbert


Introduction to Students’ Minds

I ask them to stop for a second

and see how hard it actually is sometimes

like running all day long with no water,

to look at how stressed we are.

I say take a day to be in our shoes

and see how your day goes,

or go home, open your computer

and see all the messages from missing work.

I want them to see how we feel,

just for a day or week.

Take a walk in our shoes,

noticing how draining it really is.

But all they want to do

is throw us off a cliff like a bird,

expecting us to be able to fly.

They toss us off with no care

just to blame us for jumping.

-B. Lester



All of these not so perfect thoughts

All these dumb things

All of your body that has fought

All the more reason to spread your broken wings

All the thoughts that clouded your mind

All the bad things you did

All the people you left behind

All the black and broken pieces that helped you sin

As I sat on the hill with our shared loved ones

As the skateboard crashed and frowned

As you didn't even know your life was a big rerun

As the family you knew left as the door slams it became downed

All of the people that loved you, you left sown

As you continue your journey into the unknown

-S. Melton

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