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Time After Time... After Time

At the start of this semester, Pulaski County Extended classes at PCHS and made is so there were only 2 classes in a day. This decision was made in hope of stopping interaction that could cause spread of COVID-19 and keep the students safe. However, questions arise when it comes to this topic: Was this the best decision, or was there another way?

When students were asked how they feel about the new schedule, 67% said they didn’t like it. Their reasoning was “there’s nothing to do in class” and “focusing becomes harder”. When it came to the question of returning to normality, 100% of them responded with a want for a regular school day.

How are these long classes affecting the learning of students? Most surveyed students say that this new schedule isn’t a better way for them to learn. The average college class is only an hour to two hours long; let’s compare that to the two and a half hours our PCHS teenagers are being put through. If anything, they’re getting super prepared for college.

When the students were asked how they would do things differently, there were mixed responses. Some claimed they wouldn’t change anything, others said they saw no point in the new schedule, and a majority responded with needing the schedule to go back to normal.

How does the staff feel? “This was the best way,” says Mrs. Miano, a school guidance counselor. Mrs. Miano’s job of organizing a schedule for students has become much more difficult now, having to take in mind virtual students and the new hours. “The staff have had to adjust everything and they have done a great job.” However, Mrs. Miano also mentioned that she wants the schedule to go back to four blocks, rather than continue the one that was set in place for this year.

When the principal, Mrs. Bolling, was questioned on the schedule, she said that it was too early to tell. “The school is following the CDC guidelines, and it’s up to them if we return to our normal schedule.” Mrs. Bolling hopes that there will be more variation next semester, so students aren’t just sitting in class for hours at a time. “We are doing everything we can for the students.”

As for what’s going to happen next semester, teachers, students, and administrators want to see some normality within this hectic year. But as most teachers agree, things won’t go back to normal until a vaccine. As Mrs Bolling said, “It’s better to know that our students are safe."

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