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Virtual Students Return to School

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

This semester students had the choice to come to school in person or be enrolled in the virtual academy. Originally, once a student was enrolled in the virtual academy they weren’t allowed to come back to school for in person learning. However, since that policy has changed, quite a few virtual kids have switched to in-person learning.

A common criticism about the virtual academy were the challenges regarding the difficulty of learning and amount of work that comes with it. Junior Jaquelyn Hall had this to say, “Online is hard because you can’t really get a hold of the teacher’s because they had in-person classes. It became a lot of work just piling and piling up.” Jada Wright backed up her answer by saying that if assignments aren’t explained well enough, you have to “do things to get their attention” because they’re focused on their in person students.

All students also remarked on the fact they are enjoying in-person class more than online classes. A contributing factor to this statement could be that all of the interviewees cited that they get to see their friends more than they had been while they were enrolled in the virtual academy. Hailey said, “I wanted to be with friends and see people rather than just sit at home by myself.”

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